Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mommy & Son Date

Last weekend, Brian and I went on a date.  
Brian planned everything that he wanted us to do and the order we were to do things.  
This boy was excited about our date for days.  
His pure excitement made me excited to hang out with him too.  
He even picked out our outfits!  
The first thing on his agenda was for us to go to the Riverwalk for a leisurely stroll by the river.  
He grabbed my hand and held on tight as we walked on the paved treelined trail.  
We found some perfect spots to throw rocks.  
We crossed the second bridge, the halfway point of the trail,
 and decided to turn around and head back to the car.  
Our next stop was a nearby church parking lot to play with Brian's remote controlled truck.
The design on his new shirt matched the look of his truck.  Awesome!  
It was fun to see the tricks he can do with that truck.    
After that, it was on to McDonald's for dinner.  
He ordered a chicken nugget Happy Meal with some root beer.  
Brian was super excited about his green Power Ranger toy.  
Oh, and he couldn't get enough of the french fries.  He ate some of my french fries too.  
We sat at the bar in the middle and watched a little football as we ate.  
The play area in this place is one of my kids' favorite places to hang out.  
So we were there for a bit.  Our last stop was Walmart to look 
at the Wii games and toys (to get ideas for some Christmas gifts).  
When we arrived home, we lit a few sparklers in our driveway and swirled them in the sky.  
What a fun night!  This boy sure knows how to plan a fun 3 1/2 hour date.   

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Giles Fam said...

oh how fun! I think we need to start doing one-on-one dates with the girls.