Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ward Family Reunion - Morning at Yellowstone

Photo taken by me on my iPhone while Sam was driving!

On Friday morning, we were up, ready, and on our way to Yellowstone National Park by 7:30am.
Laura had breakfast in sacks all ready for us to grab and eat on the drive.  
Kevin and Becky had a CD for each family to listen to as we traveled through the park.  
The CD was full of interesting stories and facts about Yellowstone.  
Sam and Brian especially enjoyed learning all about the park.  
For me,  I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures that day 
as well as having some major family bonding time.
Donned in our matching bright yellow Tshirts, we were ready for adventure.
We followed Kevin and Becky that morning.
We heard that Yellowstone's wildlife likes to roam free mostly in the early mornings and evenings.
Our first wildlife spotting was this bison.
This bison crossed the road right in front of Kevin and Becky's vehicle.
Not more than 5 minutes after the elk, wecame across this herd of elk.  
Some pointed while standing in place.
Some got right in there and used their fancy binoculars.

And some felt it was best to have a camera in one hand and sunglasses in the other.
 Minutes later, we saw these guys.
We were super close to them, closer than recommended.  
They were as calm as can be. 
Then it was time for a break at the visitors center.
Staci and Kyle with their 8 week old puppy, Bauer.
Zoey was brave and let Bauer lick her  hand.

Grandma Ward spoiled the kids with some cool hats and sunglasses.
Tyler was certainly thrilled about it.
                                                 We took a hike down to the lower falls. 

And here's my favorite family photo I took that morning.  Cute and classic!
Baby Kristen, Aaron, Sarah, Simon, Kimball, and Eleanor

A video of us at the visitors center and then some live footage of elk and bison!

720p from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.

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