Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ward Family Reunion - Afternoon at Yellowstone

After the hike, we ate lunch together in the forest.

Trees in the Mud pots

Sam, Lisa, Brian, Tyler, (Katie got cut off.  She was in the stroller).

The mud pots and geysers were very interesting to look at.  

 I loved the variety of colors at this location.

 We got stuck in the parking lot and just missed the rest of the family who got to see Old Faithful go off.  So we got some ice cream, watched the movie in the visitors center, and waited around for an hour and a half.  Finally, the time came... Old Faithful was the highlight of the day.  Before our trip, Brian studied geysers online.  He was SO excited to see a real geyser go off.

At the end of this video, you can watch Old Faithful go off!

720p from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.

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