Monday, July 30, 2012

Lemonade Stand

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About a month ago, my boys each spent 2 of their hard earned quarters for a cup of lemonade from Dennis' Lemonade Stand.  We visited our friends for a few minutes as they sipped their lemonade.  When we got home, Brian mentioned how he wanted to have a lemonade stand of his own.  Tyler said he wanted to help too.  Brian was especially excited for the Lemonade Stand.  He talked about it nonstop for 3 weeks straight.  He came up with the idea all on his own to make these fliers to advertise to the neighborhood and his friends at playground group.
Brian's next grand idea was to offer two kinds of lemonade... pink and yellow.  
Then he mentioned how it would be fun to sell cookies too... peanut butter cookies.  
I convinced him that we'd probably be able to sell more of our family's homemade chocolate chip cookies than peanut butter cookies.  He agreed.

Last Saturday was the big day.  The boys woke up as excited as they get on Christmas morning!  They helped me roll up the cookies, bake them, and fill up the cookie jar.  My favorite moment of the morning was spotting this:
buckled up piggy banks!  Precious cargo for sure!

We set up the Lemonade Stand and within five minute we had our first customers... three of Brian's playground group leaders and their friends.  Sawyer, a first grader in the neighborhood, stopped by 3 times for more!  And we had two cars spot our lemonade stand and make U-turns to get their fill of lemonade and cookies.  Daddy and Katie stopped by too!  They had to bring us some more lemonade.  Pink lemonade was the best seller.  And each person that bought a chocolate chip cookie raved about how yummy they were.  I was totally impressed with the boys' patience and their hard work ethic.  It was one hot morning and we lasted one and a half hours out there.
About 4pm, we went out again and set up in a new location.  
After about 15 minutes and no customers, we called it a day.  
Great news though, the boys made $13.  Sweet success!  
I'm sure their cute waves and sweet smiles helped.

And look out neighbors, Brian has big plans to sell lemonade and cookies again before school starts up.
  (He's thinking probably the last day of summer vacation).

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