Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I've got to tell you about...

the day that my old camera broke.
It was a rainy day in the middle of the week, and all that I was trying to do was work on my first assignment for my photography class.  (By the way, the photography class that I'm taking is the Self Study version of Advanced Pro: The Power of YOU taught by Brooke Snow.  In the future you will see posts of the photos I took for this class).  Now back to my story.  So, I had a plan.  I had my shot list in hand and my two cute boys willing to model for me.  They had on their boots and rain jackets.  Each boy held an umbrella that coordinated with their rain jacket.  Sounds just perfect, right?!  But as I started shooting, I noticed that something was up with the AF (Auto Focus) mode.  I tried using a different lens just to see if something was up with my other lens, but nope, I thought for sure it was the AF mode that was messed up.
My suspicion was confirmed by the long haired dude at Inkley's.  He gave me an estimate of over a couple hundred bucks plus 4-6 weeks to get my camera repaired and strapped back onto my neck.  No way that was going to work, especially with the classwork I needed to produce.  So, I ended up calling Canon and learned all about Canon's Loyalty Program.  It's a great program where you order a refurbished Canon camera that they have in stock at a very nicely discounted price and then once you get that camera, you mail Canon your broken Canon camera that you have no desire to have repaired and they recycle it in their own special way.  I ended up ordering a refurbished Canon 7D camera from Canon's Loyalty Program.  I am overjoyed with it's performance so far.  The Canon 7D has an advanced AF system (that I'm still getting use to), it's environmentally sealed, 18MP, and even has HD video!

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