Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Kids' Favorite Things To Do at Home

Tyler asks daily, "Do you want to snug (snuggle) with me?"
This boy gives THE.BEST hugs even if we're just sitting on the couch
watching his favorite episode of Blues Clues.
Recently, Tyler has turned into a high maintenance boy.
Sporadically throughout the day, Tyler can be found standing on his
blue step stool dipping the tips of his fingers in cold faucet water, and running
those wet fingers in a perfect right hand swoop right under his bangs.
He then proudly exclaims that he has "handsome hair."
And if that's not enough, he lets me know if he doesn't like the way that
Katie's hair or my hair looks and politely tells me to "fix the hair pretty."
Brian bursts through our bedroom door in the morning and asks loudly,
"Where's your iPhone?"
After retrieving the iPhone, he turns it on and about 20 seconds later proceeds to give us not only the detailed hour by hour weather report for the day, but the week's forecast as well.  Here's Brian slathered in sunscreen right before leaving for playground group.  He's sporting his favorite shirt and shorts.

Today, Brian asked me if he could "clean the kitchen floor, PLEASE!"  
He does a great job.  

Brian is also into memorizing the sugar and so-di-um content of our food.  (I have NO idea where he gets this from because I don't pay attention to the labels on our food.)  It's strange to have Brian rattling off the sugar and sodium content of our food durning meals.  Just for fun though, Sam and I do go and check the labels he mentions, and he's always right.  Memorizing facts is his "thing" these days.

Katie is really good at sneaking into our pantry, (when we leave the pantry door unlocked)      
grabbing a bag of cereal, and then spilling it all over the floor!
Katie's fussy time tends to be after dinner.  When I'm feeling up to it, I take Katie on a walk around the block.  Just me and my girl.  She keeps a tight grip on my pointer finger the whole walk and has her favorite blanket flopped just so over her shoulders.  I can't get enough of her piggy tails just bopping up and down as she toddles down the street.  Katie lets out the cutest little giggle if I start to walk too fast.

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