Sunday, May 13, 2012

Final Art Day

Last Monday was my last ART DAY with Brian's first grade class.  We surprised their teacher by having each of them make her a thank you card. (Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week).  Then we went out in front of the school to draw with sidewalk chalk.  The kids were really creative.  Some kids got really clever and made up their own game of hopscotch.  I've had so much fun being an art teacher this year.  Brian's been begging me to be his art teacher next year too.  We'll see!
I can't forget to include this complete masterpiece of Brian's:

Nice, buddy, real N.I.C.E.!!!  This is what greeted us in the hallway outside of Brian's classroom for all the world to see!  Of course, I was quite curious and asked my son why he so proudly and artistically portrayed his family as happy-jump-up-in-the-air nudists.  
His answer, "I just didn't feel like drawing clothes."  Oh boy!  
I bet Brian's teacher got a good chuckle out of this piece of work!


becky ward said...

awesome! LOL

Cam and Linds said...

ha ha!! That's great!