Saturday, March 03, 2012


T (immediately after letting out a long drawn out burp): "Hey, Mom!"

Me:  "Hey, what?!"

T:  "Guess what my burp just told me?"

Me:  "What did your burp tell you?"

T:  "My burp told me that I'm VERY hungry."

(Tyler helped me make these cookies yesterday.
That little Cookie Monster of mine said that he wanted to eat all the cookies,)

Oh, and I must add this little story in there too.

The Scene: While in sacrament meeting at my parents' new New York ward.  
The pew we were sitting in was practically full of Hallstroms.  
My parents' old friend and neighbor was visiting that day and came to our pew to sit with us.

Friend politely whispers to Tyler:  "Is it alright if I sit here?"

Tyler BURPS right in our friends face and says a loud and emphatic: "No!"

How embarrassing, right?!  I just wanted to crawl into a hole.
After the meeting, I apologized profusely for the disgustingness and rudeness of my boy.
Please tell me he will outgrow this phase!

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