Saturday, March 03, 2012

Random Photos - NY Trip iPhone Edition

Closed Carousel @ Syracuse's Carousel Mall

Arnot Mall - Horseheads, NY
Biggest cookie cake he's ever seen! I wish the Cookie Co had stores in Utah.

First Tasty Mustache - Palmyra, NY

Pretty hillside - Upstate NY

Standard Art... I don't think so!

 a photo of my cousin, Jon sitting on Sadam Hussein's mansion throne

 DIY Pita Pizzas at Grandma's house

Pretty corner church in Ithaca, NY

S is for Snake. 
(My mom found this in her basement and had Sam take it far away from the house).

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Janette said...

Yikes! I would of screamed seeing a snake in my basement. Sam is sure brave in taking the snake far away from your parent's home.