Monday, December 05, 2011

Pink Mitten Model

 Hi All! 
This is Katie here. 
My mommy had me play the part of Pink Mitten Model.   
This was my first modeling gig ever. Look below to see how it went.
 I think I did an amazing job considering my wardrobe and the weather that morning.
Here's my contemplative look:
 Here's my favorite look, my shy look, in both black and white and color:
Despite the "warm" fuzzy pink mittens I wore, my hands still got cold.
So I told my mommy that I was ALL DONE!
What can I say, sometimes the MODEL calls the shots!
Pink Mitten Model... OUT!  
Peace be with all you beautiful people!


becky ward said...

she is so cute in these pictures. pink suits her.

Eric and Jenny said...

Such cute pictures, I love the one with her looking so tiny and that door looking so big. Cute girl that Katie, she has a future in modeling for sure!