Monday, November 07, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Our front porch is all ready for trick-or-treaters.  Tyler insisted on making a happy jack-o-lantern.  I created some ghosts with old milk jugs and construction paper.  We made the ghosts with tea lights.

Katie the Kitty Cat. 
She did a good job keeping the cat ears on while trick-or-treating at Sam's work. 
She was too tuckered out to go trick-or-treating Halloween night. 
So Katie just rested in her crib while I passed out candy.
Tyler is a young/little brother Spiderman. 
Most days, Tyler asks to wear his costume and I let him.

Brian is big brother/"Spiderman Muscles." 
For awhile, Brian called his costume "Spiderman Bones." 
 He loved his costume and felt so cool wearing it.


Kunde Family said...

The kids look cute in their costumes!

eahallstrom said...

I love Katie's Kitty Cat costume!!

Mrs N said...

Your kids look so cute!
I'm going to try to remember to do the milk jug pumpkins next year. Those are fun.

becky ward said...

aren't we glad it's all over! i love your ghost jugs. so fun!