Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Harvest Days

Our family has an apple tree at the end of our driveway.
This year, our tree was overflowing with apples. 
 Our apple tree had well over twice as much edible apples than what is shown above.   Amazing!

My boys, some friends, and I willingly picked and donated some of the apples to the Relief Society.  Last week, our Relief Society learned how to can peaches and applesauce.  It was SO much work.  Each lady went home with a can of peaches and a can of applesauce.

The day after the activity, our friends, Liz and Dennis, came over to help us can more applesauce. 

 Tyler's job was picking the apples.

 My job was boiling the apples.

Brian was in charge of the apple gutter.

It took practically all day to make 13 pint size cans of applesauce.  The boys loved helping use the Victorio Strainer that we borrowed.  I'm glad that the Apple Harvest Days are over!
The applesauce doesn't taste good unless you add cinnamon and sugar.


becky ward said...

wow! that is great.

Lindsay said...

I know it's a lot of work, but so worth it, really!!!! Canning isn't the most fun, but for me it's the memories I have spending time with my mom or everything that surrounds it like FALL...My favorite season...maybe this is why

Next year I will plan to be there for the apple harvest!!!!