Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank you, Grandma Jean!

About 3 years ago, I went shopping with some friends at a fabric store. My friends both had sewing machines and had great projects planned. They bought lots of fabric and other supplies. I don't sew, yet I found myself buying fabric and other supplies too. (I know how to sew a little bit by hand, but don't know how to use a sewing machine). My friend, Rachel let me borrow her very old portable sewing machine and she said she'd help me. I had wanted to make a crib bumper for Brian. But after hours of frustration with the sewing machine and the very little progress I'd made on my project, I gave up. The unfinished project just layed in my closet for a couple years. Then, I had a great idea. I called up my Grandma Jean (in NY) and asked her if she would make a quilt for Brian out of the John Deere material. She said she would and I went ahead and mailed her the material. So last fall, I recieved a random box in the mail from my Grandma Jean. I opened it and sure enough, inside was this beautiful twin sized quilt! I was very impressed and could tell that it had taken her several hours making it. She even took it to a shop and had a special design machine stitched. We didn't let Brian see it and had him open it on Christmas! He loves it. We take it out every one and awhile. Within the next couple years, we'll be buying bunk beds for the boys and the John Deere quilt will look great on it! Now if I only had another quilt just like it for Tyler?!?!

Oh, and couple months before the John Deere quilt arrived, Grandma Jean sent me this car mat. Yup, another one of her wonderful creations. As you can tell, Brian loves it and plays with it quite often. Thanks again, Grandma for all of your hard work! We love you!


Ali said...

That IS a really cute quilt. Thank goodness for Mom's that help us finish our projects and make it seem so easy! Cute fabric choice,too!

Renee and Jake said...

I love the John Deere blanket. When Will gets his own room, I plan on doing it in John Deere.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

We have a Grandma Jean too and she is the best at making things too. I love getting big packages from her cause it is always some treasure for the kids and something that I do not have to make myself crazy doing and making look awful in the process.
By the way found you on Try-it Tuesday and stayed for a while to read and post.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like grandma alright always making stuff for the (great)grandkids.She is amazing.

- Ryan Hallstrom

ROZENN said...

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