Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Can't Believe Those BOYS!

This is me right before this accusation occurred. I was carrying Tyler around the park in his front carrier. I walked by two skater boys, both about 10 years old. One boy whispered to the other, "She's only a TEENAGER!" I knew they were talking about me because I was the only person around. So, I turned to the boys and said, "No, I'm NOT a TEENAGER. In fact I'm almost 26 years old!" They looked at me, dumbfounded. And with a very judgemental look on his face, the boy who had accused me said, "You SURE LOOK LIKE A TEENAGER!" I replied, "Well, I'm NOT. See this ring on my finger?! I'm a married woman. My husband and my other son are right over there." I can't believe those boys thought I was a TEENAGE MOTHER! I wonder how many people out there would think the same thing if they had seen me that day or any day for that matter?!


Shawna said...

10 year old boys are definitely not experts at telling a person's age. Adults are a little better at telling how old someone is. I think you look younger but you definitely don't look like a teenager. I would just take it as a compliment.

Monica said...

I agree with Shawna. Just take it as a compliment. I remember when I first entered my YW calling as Second Counselor. They made introductions and I had thought the First Counselor was a young woman (I had just entered the ward and hadn't met very many people). She was actually older than me! I think other people have thought I was a young woman when they have seen me with the girls at activities. No worries! I am 25 and have three kids, people probably think I got married in my teens but no, I was twenty! (sorry for the long post).

Ali said...

That's great that you stood up to them! I would have been afraid to say anything...but it's good for them to learn NOT to judge! You'll love that you look young come 20 years or so...and no, you don't look like a teen mother.