Monday, February 04, 2008

Brian's First Pets

Thanks to Auntie Em for purchasing our first pets and all the supplies to take care of them! Wal-Mart had a kit complete with fish bowl, fish wand, gravel, fish food that she bought. The plan was to buy the goldfish there too, but the fish tanks looked like they were very neglected. There were several dead fish floating around... So we went and purchased the fish at Pet Co. The cashier guy thought we were nuts for buying the cheapest fish as Brian's first pets. He just laughed and said that we shouldn't expect them to last more than a week. I am happy to report that we've had the fish for 2 weeks fatalies yet. There were a couple of close calls though. I was cleaning out the fish bowl and Pong jumped out of his temporary home, another bowl of water, not only once but twice! We're glad they're both still alive. Their names are Ping and Pong. Brian loves his pets!

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Here Dwells Happiness said...

That is so cute! Good luck with those adorable fish Brian!