Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What can I win?

My local Macey's grocery store is starting a Photo of the Month Contest. As all of you probably already know, I love photography. I don't know any other details about this contest other than what is on the flyer. Hopefully there's a good prize if you win. I think I will enter the contest. It should be a fun thing for me to do. I'm just typing up what is on the flyer so I can throw it away.

Join our Photo of the Month Contest!

*bring in or email your photo by the last day of the month

*you don't have to enter every month

* 1 entry per person

* January - Focus
* February - Interaction
* March - Green
* April - New
* May - She
* June - Him
* July - Patriotic
* August - Lines
* September - Action
* October - Autumn
* November - Food
* December - Reflection


Becky Ward said...

Sounds like a great contest for you. I love your firt submission.

Sorry we wouldn't make it to the baby blessing. You look great!

nora.lakehurst said...

Fun I am going to try it out. BTW not trying to compete with ya just thanks for the info.