Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Julia!!!

Three years ago, our baby, Julia Elizabeth, was born! From the get go, her brothers and sisters couldn't get enough of her. She's a momma's girl and her favorite person to play with is her big sister, Katie. Nothing slows this girl down! She holds her own on the trampoline, sneaks treats and hides to eat them, and gives herself haircuts with any pair of scissors she gets her hands on! We love her cute little voice, the way she tilts her head and gives the sweetest smiles, and we love how she hugs best when she gets a running start. We love our Julia! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

The day before her birthday, the two of us had decorated the kitchen with princess balloons and pictures of Julia growing up.  She opened her birthday cards from her grandparents and they both had some money inside.  The kids were all at school on Julia's birthday, so I had hours with Julia to myself to spoil.  We had a laid back morning at home.  After lunch, we spent Julia's birthday money at a local print shop/party supply store.  Julia picked out a pink elephant stuffed animal to fill up with stuffing.  She named her elephant Sophia.

Here's a little note I wrote to Julia to remember some details of her birthday:

Your big brother, Brian made you a strawberry ice cream cake. Tyler helped you open your presents. Katie bought you a Barbie doll and a heart shaped balloon. Daddy gave Mommy ideas for your presents. I invited Great Grandma Hallstrom over for cake. Julia, you are at such a fun age where most everything is exciting.

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