Friday, July 29, 2016

My Life Today

Making:  my house look and feel stylish and functional
Cooking:  Poppy Seed Chicken for dinner
Drinking:  ice cold water out of my $1 store purple water bottle
Reading:  too many FB and IG updates
Wanting:  to feel content
Looking:  at the messy walls, floors, and kitchen
Playing:  chef with my 2 year old, Julia
Wasting:  time selling and getting rid of stuff we no longer want or need in out home
Wishing:  I had fun plans for the weekend
Enjoying:  binge watching Netflix after the kids are in bed
Waiting:  for the day the 3 big kids go back to school
Liking:  the sunny skies and balmy weather
Watching: Julia cut up paper with scissors  
Loving:  Sam and his hard work and dedication in keeping our family happy.
Marveling:  at how fast my kids are growing up.
Needing:  a day at the spa.  I've never been to a spa.
Smelling:  the yummy blueberry cake I made
Wearing: my apron on top of my orange and gray workout clothes
Following: inspiriational quotes on Instagram and writing them down in my quote book  
Noticing:   my kids want to experience fun times as a family
Knowing:  Sam and I are building a life to be proud of
Thinking:  I should make a treat for our new neighbors across the street and have my family go meet them.
Feeling:  Like tonight is a good night for sleeping in.
Bookmarking: podcasts to listen to later
Opening: my brush pens to try out a new calligraphy technique
Giggling: over Julia and what makes her giggle
Wondering: how long it will take for my hair to grow about 6 more inches
Hoping:  the kids don't get sunburned at playground group

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Anonymous said...

It is fun seeing your perspective on life. You will be so glad you wrote these things down and so will your kids later on. Great to see. I am so proud of you, baby, girl. Mama