Sunday, July 03, 2016

Letter to Our Missionary

Dear Elder Hallstrom,

We're doing family home evening right now.  We had a lesson on how we love our brothers and sisters.  I told my kids about how it's fun to have a brother out on a mission and read them your latest email.  They liked hearing how to pronounce words in Russian.  They are glad they didn't have to try and eat Murmunsk Salad like you did. 

Tyler wants you to know that he reads the scriptures at nighttime and I learn a lot about Jesus on the cross.  He watched some Bible videos on the computer today.  He is getting faster at running.  Uncle Mike took him to the high school track and they ran a mile.  Brian will have his lemonade stand in a few weeks and Katie will have her lemonade stand in August.  Brian is excited to paint his room downstairs.  He has been saving money to go on the extra rides at a waterpark called Cherry Hill this summer.  Brian can make peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies all by himself.  He doesn't need me anymore to help him follow those recipes.  Katie and Julia share a bedroom again. They have a hard time going to sleep because they have so much fun playing.  The girls love coloring with chalk on patio out back.  Julia is doing well getting potty trained.  Julia tries to keep up with her big sister and bothers.  At the end of July, we're driving to Colorado to visit Jenny's family.  We're looking forward to out visit. 

What kind of non- church service have you been doing in Russia?  Is it still light outside late into the night?  Tell us more about the town you're currently serving in?  Brian wants to know if you can tell him how many members of the church there is in Russia?!

Is it okay for me to email you pictures or do they only allow pictures to be sent via snail mail? 

Keep up the good work.  We pray for you and your safety and success.

Love, Lisa, Sam, Brian, Tyler, Katie, and Julia

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