Friday, July 29, 2016

Learning My Limits

How come it takes so long for me to learn my limits?  I expect so much of myself and find myself beating myself up for not getting everything done that I set out to do.  My to do list is never ending.  I stay up too late to have my "alone time" that I so desperately need.  But even during my alone time, I am usually doing something to help someone else, reading a self help book, or just bingeing on Netflix.  I am constantly searching for something new to learn, a new project to start, or comparing myself to others on social media.  The way I spend my alone time has me feeling discontent, like I'm not good enough, I'm not doing enough, and that I should be accomplishing something and showing off my grand accomplishment to the world.  I have a love/hate relationship with social media.

Anyway, instead of overdoing it everyday, I want to make it through the day with energy left to burn. I want to praise myself in every accomplishment that I set out to do.  My to do list will not be so long.  I will get my proper rest and still have my "alone time."  I will only do things in my alone time that build me up, that uplift me, that leave me feeling full of rejuvenation.  I will be more plan out specifics of what I want to learn and not have too many projects going at once so I can more fully enjoy the process.  And I will not feel the need to advertise everything that I do to the world to make me feel like I too am doing something worthwhile in my life.

I have felt like I am being a great mom to my kids.  Lately, I've been doing better at really listening to my kids when they speak, I usually fulfill their requests to play and spend quality time with them.  I do my best to plan my day with their well-being in mind.  I try so hard to teach them life lessons when things come up and may not go the way they'd planned.

There are still things in my life that I want to make sure to carve out time out for:

- reading scriptures
- journaling
- blogging
- creating art
- learning new recipes
- friends
- photography
- dates with kid
- date with Sam
- enjoying nature

Of course, I won't have the time to do all of these things everyday, but I know that if I make sure to give myself some "me time" daily, I will be happier and feel more content with life.

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