Friday, August 21, 2015

Sheldon and Karen Hallstrom Family 2015

Our family had the opportunity to fly to New York and gather with all of these beautiful people, my family.  
Jenny, Seth, and her family and my younger brother, Mark were unable to come.
We live all over the country, PA, MN, UT, MA, CO, so it's a big deal when we gather.
 Things can get a little crazy having 21 people under one roof for a few days.  
 My parents with 8 of their 12 grandkids.
Thank you, Mom and Dad for having all of us come over and bombard your house.
Thanks for feeding us so well and planning fun activities to do as a family.
Thank you for letting us borrow your vehicles.
Thank you for watching your grandkids so Sam and I could go out.
I love and admire my parents so much.  They brought 8 children into the world.
They raised their children to love one another, to be service oriented, 
to be self reliant, and much more. 
After practically 35 years of parenting, my parents are now empty nesters.
My youngest brother, Ryan is now at the MTC learning Russian and preparing to serve as a missionary in Russia.  Mom and Dad are beginning a new chapter in their lives.
I am excited for them.

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