Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cute Kid Moments

Julia (14 months) was in the back of the chapel with me because she just couldn't handle all of the commotion in our church pew.  I set Julia down for a minute and she ran right over to the chapel doors, pushed the doors open just enough for her little body to slide through.  She is one strong and determined little girl!

I am the Primary Chorister.  Today we were learning the song, "I am Glad for Many Things."  I had three children tell me what they were glad for so we could fill in the blank as we sing.  Tyler's answer was, "I am glad for MY COOL UNCLE."  He was referring to his Uncle Mark.

Brian came up with a great quiet activity for a Sunday afternoon... drawing out their own towns, complete with roads to their favorite places.  This kept them busy for a couple of hours.  We're also working on memorizing the Articles of Faith.  Brian has the 1st Article of Faith memorized!

Katie loves to build "house castles" with couch cushions and just about every pillow and blanket in the house.  When I came upstairs after starting up a load of laundry, Katie had a huge grin on her face and said, "Look, Mom!  I made you this house castle just like Elsa can do!"  She's been watching "Frozen" on repeat this past week. 

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