Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2nd Annual Don & Shirley Hallstrom Family Reunion

Grandma Hallstrom and I were in charge of the 2nd Annual Don & Shirley Hallstrom Family Reunion.  It was held on Saturday, July 12th.  I reserved my ward building so that we could eat lunch there and have a talent show.  We set up the gym the night before.

We ate pulled pork sandwiches, corn and black bean salsa, watermelon, jello, salad, etc.  The talent show turned out really nice.  Grandma was especially thrilled that some of her grandchildren sang for her.  

Aunt Janette's wonderful presentation

Dad brings back memories with classic old home movies.
Seth's awesome song about parenting
Nathan sings a song from My Servant Joseph. He played the role of Joseph Smith a couple years ago.
Julia - 11months
Family Reunion peeps - Jenny, Mom, Tyler, Mark, Katie

 Group Photo of everyone who came (except Tyler who refused to get in the shot).

 Calvin, Grandma Shirley, Janette, Sheldon
 Calvin, Grandma Shirley, Janette, Sheldon
 Karen & Jean
 Karen & Jean 
    Seth, Jenny, Karen  

We cleaned up after the talent show, took a group family photo, 
and went back to our house for visiting and dessert.  
We borrowed a giant Jenga game from Kevin and Becky Ward 
for something to do in the evening on our back porch.  It was a big hit.  
Thanks to all who came and made it such a memorable day.
Sarah and her Jenga Tower  

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