Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Katie!

Happy 4th Birthday to Katie!
Bday balloon banner in the bday girl's bedroom... just a little over excited over here. We decorate early.

Fashion by Katie. She wanted her hair "just like a boy." 
I let her go to preschool like this mismatched socks and all. 
How's that for keeping it real?

Katie is such a sweet girl.  Her favorite things right now are: trying to be "just. like. mommy.", having indoor picnics with her play kitchen supplies and special picnic blanket, snuggling before bed and watching some TV, and following Tyler around.  Katie is a soft spoken girl to others, but at home, she lets us know just what she thinks about things.  She can hold her own with the boys and sometimes says, "No, I'm not a girl.  I'm a boy." and "I'm not beautiful, I'm HANDSOME."  She hates getting her hair brushed but knows just how she wants her hair to look for preschool.  We alternate between ponytail(s), a barrette, headband, a bow, and braids.  

Katie's favorite song is "I Love to See the Temple."  She also really likes, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,"  "Popcorn Popping," and "The Alphabet Song."  She is STILL working on becoming fully potty trained (it's taking forever... ugh).

It's become tradition to have Brian whip up a Strawberry Whipped Sensation cake for Katie's birthday every year.  Brian is our most trained kid baker.

Here's some other random pictures of our 4 year old:
We made up some new games on the trampoline involving Hot Wheels #funinthesun #bondingwithkids
Waiting for the bus.
Our little butterfly

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