Friday, May 09, 2014

Tyler Lost His First Tooth

Last Sunday, Tyler was talking to me all concerned that "My cousin, Ben just lost his first tooth and he's younger than me.  I'm jealous."  Aww, so I told him to let me check on his loose tooth and see how it is doing.  It had been a long while since I last checked, and when I took a look in his mouth, I could see the new tooth already growing in.  As suspected, Tyler's baby tooth was super loose and it just took a tiny pull on that tooth to get it out.  Tyler was SO excited!
A moment later, Tyler dropped his tooth somewhere when he was showing his tooth to his Dad.  Tyler was so concerned that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't leave him anything under his pillow if he didn't have the actual tooth to give to her.  So, we solved that problem with this note:
The note worked!  The Tooth Fairy left a pack of orange flavored Hubba Bubba gum for him.  What a fun time!  

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