Friday, May 09, 2014

Allergy Test

So, I recently had an allergy test to see what I am allergic too.  I went into this test knowing that I had been dealing with seasonal allergies ever since we moved to Logan.  I knew they'd be testing for food allergies as well.
Come to find out, I'm allergic to all the local trees and grasses.  I'm allergic to some weeds too.  The the worst news it that I am allergic to 13 different foods!  I'm still figuring out what to eat these days and it's been rough.  I'm taking two nasal sprays, Allegra, and Sudafed.  If these medicines don't give me enough relief after a couple months of daily use, I may opt for the weekly allergy shots.
After my allergy test was over and I picked up my medications, I treated myself to some chocolate ice cream.  I'd totally cry if I was allergic to dairy and/or chocolate.

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