Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tyler's 6th Birthday

This boy just celebrated his 6th birthday!
Tyler is: a fun friend, handsome, a soccer star, a conscientious student, a great big brother, an excellent reader and writer, creative, and much more. 
Nine days before his actual birthday, we had a SUPER HERO PIZZA PARTY at our house.
These boys all know how to party!
Tyler, Dennis, Caleb, Tyson, Brian

Tyler was very specific about his decorations, especially the streamers.
The birthday boy requested brownies with orange frosting for his party cake… easy enough.
We had Sam and Katie go and get the pizza right as the party was starting 
so we could eat it when it was nice and hot.
Here are Tyler's party gifts.  His favorite gift was the red Mighty Dragon.
Most of the rest of the party was spent playing with the new toys.  The boys got creative and brought out the dragon castle and this board so they could see all of the cool things the dragon could do.

MVI 3521 from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.
T's request for 2 years, "I want a skateboard... but not until I turn 6!" The big day has finally arrived! He's been watching YouTube videos on learning the basics of skateboarding.  He's so excited and knowing T and his determined personality, he'll get the hang of it quickly.

On Tyler's real birthday, we let him open up presents before Sam went to work.  Tyler's favorite gift was the skateboard.  He was totally spoiled with some new camo snow boots, a new camo winter coat, Hot Wheels extension track pack (5 pieces of track), a green snow shovel, 2 foam swords, and a remote controlled helicopter.    Tyler decided to buy some new skateboarding shoes with his birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa Ward.
He got to frost and put sprinkles on his cake!#giantdonutcake


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