Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Julia is Home!

Sam came to the hospital after work on Wednesday, August 28th
to have dinner with us at the hospital.  Then, he took us home.  
We're outta here
The kids loved holding their baby sister before we opened a few gifts and went to bed.  
We have great friends and neighbors who've helped out lots with getting the kids to and from school.
These friends have also brought meals and sometimes they just stop by with treats and a quick hello.
Who could say no to these cupcakes?!  Not us!  
My friend, Crystal Fisher,  of Crystal's Cakery, runs a cake business out of her home.
Her homemade frosting is to die for!
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Everyone is a helper
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Kristy E.B. said...

So fun! Glad they're loving their sister. Send some of those cupcakes this way.