Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Olson Family Visit

My sister, Jenny and her family drove up from Las Vegas for a visit.  
They stayed at our house from Saturday evening until mid morning on Tuesday.
They came to church with us.  Jenny and I had two short getaways from the kids.  On Sunday's getaway, we drove up to the Logan Temple to walk around.  
We enjoyed the peace and quiet as we walked around the temple grounds.
                                         Hello HUGE pink flower at the Logan Utah Temple!
Everyone loves the trampoline!  The dads supervised.
On Monday, we went had a picnic lunch at the splash pad 
and then went to Willow Park to play and feed ducks.
Feeding the ducks is fun to do.
Willow Park's Teeter Totter with Olson cousins
And a hot day out in the sun isn't complete without Macey's soft serve ice cream cones. 
Ben and Tyler are buddies
Jenny and Seth went out on a date and Sam and I watched all 6 kids.  We fed them tacos for dinner, made the kids earn their cookies, and I painted Sarah's fingernails a dark purple color with sparkles!
                                   Cookies = bribe to get kids & cousins to pick up backyard
                                          Played Aunt Lisa and gave Miss Sarah a manicure 
After Jenny and Seth returned, we had a dance party downstairs complete with glowsticks.  
The Walt Disney Channel on Pandora is fantastic.    

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