Thursday, August 15, 2013

CKMs - Summer Edition #9

Tyler, Addie, Katie
Costumes from our dress up bin with@lindsayfstrickland
Waiting for their "just because" surprises. Brian got new shoes for school, Tyler got a sweet orange soccer ball and we signed him up for indoor soccer, and Katie got a small cup dispenser to share with her brothers. #ilovesurprisesandmykidsdotoo
This boy read his first book series this summer... the three Ralph S. Mouse books. I 
rewarded him with homemade Jamba Juice and 
Sam took Brian to Lagoon (amusement park) for a day. 
Lucky boy!
Back to School Date with my oldest boy #3rdgrader #mommysondate
We went to Chili's after completing clothes shopping and taking back to school pics.
The pizza was too hot and this kid thought it'd cool down faster if he cut it into smaller pieces. 
He is still learning how to cut with a fork and knife. #mommysondate #ibcrootbeeristasty
Back to School Date with my girl. 
I painted her fingernails purple and we ate
 ice cream out on our porch bench and watched the sunset.
#mommydaughterdate #preschooler
Family walk down by the river #meandallmykids #familydate
The kids loved throwing rock pebbles by the fistful into the river #latergram #familydate
Tyler just HAD to get the orange soccer ball. He's been in the backyard practicing every day. #latergram #soexcitedtobeonasoccerteam
Naps are very rare around these parts. This was a very pleasant surprise. 
#latergram #muchneededsleep #brothersactuallyleftheralone
Church wore this girl out #latergram #stillsucksherleftthumbwhenshesleeps

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