Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CKMs - Summer Edition #6

Here we are at the 2nd Annual Ward Bros. Lemonade Stand! 
The boys sold pink and yellow lemonade and the best homemade chocolate chip cookies! 
Those lucky boys made more money than last year in just 1 1/2 hours!
They worked super hard delivering fliers on neighbors' doors, making the cookies and lemonade, etc. 
A big thanks to all who stopped by!
The ducks loved all our old bread and bagels.  
It was fun to see the ducks fight over the bagels.
Cali is in the same class as Tyler.  Cali is my friend, Lauren's daughter.
Tyler has a super nice teacher who encourages Tyler and the big strides he's made
in becoming more comfortable in the water.  

This kid LOVES swimming lessons more than I thought he would.  
Every day after class he calls me over to the pool to show me what he's learned.
I'm so glad he's enjoying all the pool time and becoming more confident in the water.
I think his favorite part has been the time his teacher brought goggles for all the kids to wear.
Katie relaxing and enjoying her yummy blueberry yogurt during swimming lessons.
This girl usually just wants to take laps around both pools while pushing around her empty stroller.
Today I distracted her for a few minutes with this yogurt. 

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