Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby #4 Update

So, I'm FINALLY in the last stretch of this pregnancy!
And I'm finally starting to get into the nesting stage.
I bought a dresser for the girls' bedroom.
I'm stocking up on diapers and formula.
Soon, we'll paint our TV room downstairs.
I need to wash up and fold newborn clothes.
My allergies aren't so bad as they were last month. 
I don't have anything else interesting to report except for these photos:
Sandwich of the week... Tuna fish with red grapes on toasted onion poppy ciabatta bread 
#don'tjudge #baby'schoice #yummyfood

Loving all the rumbling in my belly#sohappy #baby#4

This girl is excited to become a big sister soon.
 Katie is SO sweet when she kisses my belly or places her hand just so to feel baby kick. 
#bigsisterbootcamp #baby#4

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