Friday, June 07, 2013

CKMs - Summer Edition #2

BOBCAT in da house!!!

Prepping for our first summer picnic on the trampoline 
#simplepleasures #allthreekidslovedit

Waiting patiently for their half priced Sonic drinks
#parkfollowedbycolddrinks #cheapentertainment

Enjoying their Sonic drinks #cutesilhouettes

Brian is reading his own copy of this book and I'm reading it to Tyler. 
We're almost half way done and the boys are loving it! 
#summerreadingsuccess #briansfirstchapterbook

I googled random holidays and wrote down several fun ones that we can 
celebrate over the next 6 months.  Today is National Doughnut Day. 
Brian wanted to make homemade doughnuts, but we didn't have all the ingredients.
We compromised and made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  
Those are close enough to doughnuts, right?!
I had Brian get the oven ready this morning and then 
he woke me up when it was time to put them in the oven.  
Sam was able to eat one with us before heading off to work.

Our way of celebrating National Doughnut Day
#iwokeupearlytohelpmakethesewhichiskindofabigdeal #tylerisgettingamuchneedhaircuttoday #ohyeahandthankyoupillsburyforcreatingtheworldseasiesttbatchofcinnamonrollsever

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