Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I had a very nice Mother's Day this year.  My family spoiled me with attention and gifts.  
The boys were SO excited to give me gifts... especially Brian.  
Brian gave me a book of coupons that I can redeem at any time... 1 free set the table,
1 free hug, etc.  So cute.  And Katie made some cute yellow flowers in preschool that promptly got ruined as we arrived home.
Mother's Day gifts from Tyler
Pretty calla lilies from my man

We have church at 9AM.  I kind of wish that I could've had a lazy morning at home... 
but of course church was good.  I taught my last lesson in Relief Society.  
I didn't serve as long as I expected to in Relief Society, just four short months.  
I received a new calling... the secretary in the Young Women's!!!  
I'm super excited to get to know the Young Women and the leaders better.
I'll even be able to attend part of Girls Camp next month.  Woot!

One thing that I really wanted for Mother's Day was a nice family picture of us 
all in our church clothes.  But, my kids get changed out of their church clothes 
so quickly after church that these are the best I could capture.  
We'll for sure try again.  Maybe it would've helped if I fed them lunch first?!  
Oh well, at least I tried.
Sam and the kids made a nice dinner... BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, blueberry muffins, etc.

I went and visited my Grandma Hallstrom and Uncle Calvin for a bit.

We had Family Home Evening. 
 I'm sure glad that we're getting back into the habit of having weekly Family Home Evening.
Brian loves to help with refreshments, Tyler loves to plan the game, and Katie likes us to all sing, " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  We're making memories folks... happy days!
Guilt free hot fudge sundae with banana and more... I totally earned this!
I feel really blessed to be mother.  
I'm so glad that my Heavenly Father has entrusted me and my husband 
with 3 (almost 4) of His precious children.  
My kids teach me so much and they make me want to be a better person.
Being a mom is way harder than I ever thought it would be but it's so worth it.
I mean, just check out these smiles!
The oldest obeys and stays in his church clothes, the middle kid rebels and puts on his new pjs, and the little princess copies whatever the middle kid does.  Love those little ragamuffins of mine!!!

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