Sunday, May 26, 2013

Katie's 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Katie!!!
Katie is a lover of all things PINK!
At home, she prefers to eat from her pink "pincess plate."
Her favorite shirt is her pink "pincess shirt."
She loves wear tutus and dance to "Princess Songs" thanks to the Pandora App on my phone.
Her favorite character is Tinker Bell.  She loves to watch any of the four Tinker Bell movies on Netflix.

Katie has a favorite phrase that she says every morning when she wakes up.  In a sweet little sing-song voice, she says, "It's a brand new day!"
Oh, and she loves the fact that she can open up our freezer drawer and have access to her go-to treat... Otter Pops.  All by herself, she's decided that she's graduated from sitting in a booster seat at the table.
Katie hates getting her hair brushed and done for the day.  I think shoulder length hair suits her well for now.
I have seen her personality develop so much since she started preschool a couple months ago.
Katie likes to repeat what others say and do.  
She's become more brave when it comes to jumping on the trampoline.  She likes to run in circles and land on her bum.  
She loves to take walks with me around the block picking out one yellow dandelion for her to hold and one white dandelion for me.
I try to wear her out enough in the mornings that she'll lay down for a nap mid afternoon... that rarely happens.  But I do still love the fact that when she's tired she still snuggles up with her favorite blanket and sucks her left thumb.  It makes me feel like she's still little.
The next big step for this 3 year old is getting potty trained!  She's already showed some interest and has all of her potty training supplies ready.  Katie's just waiting for me to step up and be consistent with the whole thing.
 We love our Brown Eyed Girl!!!
Videos from Katie's Birthday

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Janette said...

Your Katie sure is a pretty little thing. Kid's grow up fast. I remember people telling me that when I was raising my kids and it didn't feel like that but now looking back I know the time went way to fast. Enjoy all the simple and small moments. Make memories that you can look back on with a smile.