Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy 33rd Birthday to SAM!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favorite person!  
Sam is SO great and we all love him so much.
The kids are always so glad when Daddy comes home from work.
Sam is great to take the kids on bike rides, jump on the trampoline, etc.  
He gives his family his all.
Sam went to work all day long.  The kids and I hid in our front room from and yelled "SURPRISE!!!" when Sam came home from work.  We had Quiznos sandwiches for dinner.
I made my first ever homemade chocolate cheesecake for Sam's birthday cake.
The cake turned out super good!  We gave him an extra large homemade card from all of us, some candy, a new book for his Kindle (Inferno by Dan Brown), and the movie The Hobbit.

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