Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CKMs - Take 15

Tyler's favorite snack #glazedstarshapeddonutwithmulticoloredsprinklesfromsmiths
A handful of times while Katie was at preschool, Tyler and I would drive down the hill to Smith's 
and grab our favorite donuts... Tyler is showing off his favorite and my favorite was the cream filled glaze donuts with chocolate frosting on top.  Then we'd drive up the hill to the "ninja warrior park" to 
eat our donuts and play awhile.  
Our Family Pic by Tyler
Gotta love how all the Ward boys have a highlighted rectangle drawn around them 
(like they are extra special or something).
#thatrandomkidisJoe #schoolbuddyofBrians #lastartday  For my last day of teaching art in 
Brian's second grade classroom, I taught the kids how to fold paper boats.  
(Brian REALLY wanted me to teach his classmates to fold boats).  
Then we had about 15 minutes to color with sidewalk chalk on the stretch of sidewalk 
outside of his classroom.  Brian and I went on a quick date to the dollar store to 
pick up a couple things for Katie's birthday and then we ate some ice cream up at The Zone.
 I had fun teaching art this school year.  One of my favorite moments was when I'd see the 
look of excitement on Brian's face as I entered the classroom to teach.
I love Brian!
Brian has been begging me to play games with him.  
He's getting pretty good at checkers.
This kid wrote everyone's name and drew pictures of everyone in our family 
(including our baby girl) #howsweet#lovehisartskillz
Puddle jumpin'#whoneedsdryshoesforschooltomorrowanyway #lettinggo #randomfun
After school, we went to Little Caesar's drive-thru and picked up a $5 pepperoni pizza. 
We ate our pizza at Willow Park and played until we felt raindrops.  
Brian had his raincoat and I told him (and Tyler) that they could go jump in all the puddles in the parking lot.  They LOVED it!!!  

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