Sunday, April 07, 2013

Easter 2013

The day before Easter, we attended our ward's egg hunt.  The Young Women were in charge and they did a fabulous job.  I think it was really smart of them to divide the kids us by ages and have three separate egg hunts.  I stuck with Katie and the rest of the nursery kids.  My girl sure knows what an egg hunt is all about.  She was the fastest one!  We overheard someone at church say that there was another egg hunt that morning on the north side of town.  So, we took their word for it and attended that egg hunt as well.  Their were a couple thousand people there!  They had the egg hunts divided up by ages too.  With so many people, the egg hunt was over in less than a minute.  Katie managed to grab about 10 eggs.  Tyler totally scored a coupon for a free doughnut at Lee's Market.  So, Lee's Market was our final stop of the morning.  Tyler got his precious doughnut.  And to our surprise, the Easter Bunny was there!  The line to visit with the Easter Bunny was way too long so we just skipped it.  The market had people walk around the perimeter of the store and there were stations set up for kids to fill their Easter baskets with some goodies.  The best item was at the end where they handed out a nice $10 container of Cheez-Its.  The weather was so lovely that morning.  
Later that day, the kids dyed some Easter eggs.
The Easter Bunny found us and left us a nice note and some fun prizes.
We had a nice time at church that morning.
In the afternoon, we prepped our home for our out of town visitors.
I am so grateful for Easter and for our resurrected Savior. 
I know that He lives.

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