Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby #4 Update

Happy Easter!
So, I am 19 weeks along with Baby #4.
I feel so blessed that my pregnancies are not too bad.
My only complaints are that my poor face keeps breaking out, I have to wear 
my glasses more often than I'd like because of my pesky allergies, and I get headaches.  
I have had NO morning sickness whatsoever with this little one... so SO great!
I've been able to feel the baby kick starting around 17 weeks!  Best feeling ever!
With the work of keeping the house somewhat in order, carpooling, and all the kid chasing I do at the playground, etc., I am so worn out by the middle of the afternoon.  Once Brian has his homework done and the kids have completed their chores, I let them have a couple friends over to play (either downstairs or in the backyard.)  If I have dinner in the oven by that point, I sometimes get the rare luxury of resting on the couch (usually only lasts more than 5-10 minutes before the kids need me.)  
Patiently waiting at the doctor's office
Random cravings I've had:
Perogies cooked in butter over the stove dunked in warm spaghetti sauce.
PF Chang's egg rolls
Jamba Juice
Little Caesars pizza
Sam and I went in on April 17th for the big ultrasound.
We were thrilled to find out that the baby is a GIRL and is healthy as can be.
This is how we announced it was a girl on Facebook and Instagram:
The kids and I decorated our kitchen with baby boy and girl decor.  
After eating tacos for dinner, I set up the camera downstairs and recorded this fun moment:
Then we ate a yummy homemade cinnamon cake.  
K: Pink balloon... just what I wanted.  T: Huh, a girl?!  B: Ah man, I really wanted a brother?! 
         K: Pink balloon.  T: I just stick my tongue at girls.  B: I'm still the oldest kid, so I guess having a sister will be okay.  

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Monica said...

Congrats Lisa! So exciting. I have been away from the blogging world and had no idea.