Saturday, March 23, 2013

Memories Made in the AM

My goal to get up and make memories in the morning is going quite well.
I've felt like I've been missing out on some major bonding time because I've been sleeping in.
Slowly but surely, my mornings are changing for the better.
This week, Tyler and I surprised my mom and sister (who were visiting us) by bringing home
some raisin cinnamon rolls and Cutie's tangerine juice for breakfast. 
Tyler and I dropped Katie off at preschool.  Then I surprised Tyler with a gift bag at the temple... some doughnut holes and skewers.  (To kids, putting something as simple as doughnuts in a gift bag makes it seem extra special).  We made doughnut swords and drank "Sun Juices" (aka. Capri Suns) for breakfast at the temple.   After 3 minutes, we couldn't stand the cold anymore so we finished up our fun breakfast at McDonald's.  Tyler even made a new friend that's his same age... Andrew.  I had a nice long chat with Andrew's grandparents.  They are very nice people.
Lenny the Leprechaun came to visit the night before St. Patrick's day.
Lenny's card told the kids that they could eat the Lucky Charms out of one of the new green cups
and that after church, they could help mommy make some green Jell-o.
I want to be an excellent mother.  Notice, I didn't say "a perfect mother."  Being a perfect mother is impossible.  So, I've been trying really hard to let some things go... (aka. cleaning) and just hang out more with my family.  Also, I've been trying to make things a little more fun around here by doing things that are out of the ordinary.  I love it when I give myself permission to be spontaneous.  Spontaneity is how memories are made...even if spontaneity to me means still sleeping in on Saturdays.

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Lindsay said...

Reading your post just made me happy!!! That is a great optimistic perspective that will get us mothers far!!! What fun things!