Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reclaiming My Mornings

I recently read an article that goes along great with the above quote.  
The article is called Working On It and it is written by blogger Emily Anderson.
The ideas Emily shares really hit home to me.  It makes me want to take better care of myself
so that I can be present in heart and mind with my little family.

"We must get up for our children, rather than to our children." -Kat

One of the biggest things that I need to work on is spending my time wiser in the mornings.
I sleep in until the last possible second.  By the time I get up (I'm NOT going to admit what time that usually is) Sam is at work and Brian is at school.  Katie is awake, talking to herself, sometimes repeatedly saying in the sweetest sing-song voice, "Brand new day." She is just patiently waiting for me in her crib.  And then there's Tyler, who has already had breakfast with the boys.  This 5 year old boy of mine is usually watching the TV downstairs, munching on junk food, some of which is always mashed into the carpet,  just hanging out alone.  Tyler turns that room into his own obstacle course consisting of couch cushions stacked up in a creative new way.  And I will not get into how the kitchen usually looks when I get up.  Just the messes he creates alone while I'm asleep should be enough to make me want to get up earlier and get going with my day.  But, it's sad to admit that most of my mornings are spent moping around the house, begrudgingly cleaning up the disgusting messes made, and shaming myself for allowing myself to sleep in again.  

I love this quote that was 
referenced in Emily Anderson's article, 
Try saying it to your children and to your spouse.  
I am going to try saying this to the members of my little family.
I really think that by telling them those short and sweet little sentences will make a difference 
and will help to encourage myself to change my actions and attitude in the mornings.  

It is far better to cherish your children than to flat out ignore them.
Precious moments await me in the mornings and I am totally letting them pass me by.
As of today, I am putting my foot down.
It's time to reclaim my mornings and make fond memories with my loved ones.
I promise to follow up on this with a post titled "Memories Made in the AM."


Kristy E.B. said...

Mornings are rough! I hate getting out of bed also. Good luck on your new resolutions.

Megan said...

Wow. I haven't been on your blog for forever! I love all the updates. You sure have an adorable family. Miss having you as my neighbor!