Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Girl Day

Yesterday was a fun day.  My friend, Lindsay brought her two girls over to visit.  They live over an hour away and it had been almost a year since we last saw each other.  When Tyler's ride came and took him to preschool, the rest of us went out for lunch at The Olive Garden.  It was an entertaining adventure with these three little girls.  
Katie(2 1/2), Olivia (10 months), Addison (2 1/2)
Katie and Addison preferred standing on the booth seat.  Katie let out a handful of quick, loud, joyful screams just to let everyone know she was there.  She also spent some time snuggled up with her favorite blanket under the table.  Addison dropped her crayons a couple times on the other side of the booth wall and liked to make her mommy go over and pick them up for her.  Olivia was well behaved until I had to watch her for a couple minutes while Lindsay was helping Addison in the restroom.  As we were leaving the restaurant, Lindsay told Addison to get her purse.  Addison unzipped her silver purse, put on her sweet pink sunglasses, flung that purse over her arm, and strutted out the door.  She was the center of attention and loved it.   The rest of the day we spent at my house just visiting and catching up.

After dinner that night, I co-hosted a Girls Night Out with my friend, Jancee.  
We had a successful sweet swap and enjoyed the company of some lovely ladies from church.
I brought homemade banana bread and these supreme mini peanut butter cookie bowls to share.

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