Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moose on the Loose - Year 2

Mortimer the Moose came back to visit us in December.  When Mortimer first arrived, he brought a paper chain that he made to help us count down the days until Christmas.  Here are the letter Santa sent with Mortimer:
Dear Brian, Tyler, and Katie-
This is SANTA CLAUS here with a special treat for you!

Are you ready for some holiday fun?  Do you enjoy playing hide-n-seek?  Then you'll love this new game I'm going to play with you.


The game is called "Moose on the Loose."  Mortimer the Moose told me that he wanted to meet all three of you kids.  So I agreed to send him to your house for the month of December for a nice long visit.

So this is how the game works.  Every night before you go to bed, you put Mortimer on your Christmas shelf.  And during the night, one of my elves will sneak in you house and hide Mortimer.  When you wake up in the morning, it is your job to find Mortimer and return him to his spot on the Christmas shelf.

Does that sound like a fun game?  Beware that Mortimer can be mischievous at times.  He will probably hide in unlikely places.

Have fun, Brian, Tyler, and Katie.  Be good kids and I'll be sure to stop by your house on Christmas Eve with some special gifts for you.


So every morning, the kids would wake up and go search for Mortimer.  That darn moose was more mischievous than last year.  The kids got a good kick out of Mortimer's antics.  

Gone Fishin'

Best sleeping bag for a long winter's nap!

TPed the boys' room

Having a picnic at the "beach"

Proud of his snow angel

TPed the Christmas tree


Uh oh!

What an artist!

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