Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday to Tyler!

Tyler had birthday party the day before he turned 5.  
Caleb, Jack, Abbie, Dennis, Tyler, Brody, Gracee, Brian, Tyson
Tyler and Brian helped plan the details of the party.  
We transformed our house into Tyler Town.
We transformed some of the rooms in the house.  
Our kitchen became the bakery,
the TV room became the main roads of the town,
and the front room became Tyler's Gift Shop.  Tyler's friends were very generous with their gifts.  

The kids played games like a bean bag toss, don't let the balloon touch the ground, and laundry basket basketball.
My friend, Liz came and helped me out in the bakery.  
The kids had fun decorating cookies and eating them with some yummy vanilla ice cream.  
Tyler insisted that we drink orange pop too, since orange is STILL his favorite color.

What great friends Tyler has.
Now on to Tyler's actual birthday.
The boys wanted to help decorate the chocolate chip cookie cake.  
Brian drew the number 5 with the chocolate frosting 
and the boys got to press down M&Ms into the frosting.  
(Sheesh, Brian!  Lookin' extra good with that chocolate frosting on your teeth, Brian!)
I think the cake turned out great.
Grandma and Grandpa Hallstrom gave him the movie, "The Sword in the Stone."  
We gave him a twisty balloon making kit, the movie,  "Lion King 1 1/2," and a Hot Wheels storage container with a fold down race track.
Some fun facts about Tyler at age 5:
Favorite Color: orange
Favorite TV Show: Power Rangers
Favorite Movie: Curious George
Favorite Game: Basketball
Favorite Friends: Caleb, Jack, Brody
Favorite food: Pretzel sticks
Favorite Meal: Hot Tacos
Favorite things to do outside: do flips on the trampoline and swinging on the swings
Loves preschool, likes to snuggle, loves wearing camouflage, loves Hot Wheels cars, has been able to ride a 2 wheeler bike since last April, athletic, tells jokes

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becky ward said...

wow! that's a lot of kids. how fun! happy birthday tyler!