Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cousin Day

Last Saturday, Kevin and Becky's kids came all the way from Idaho Falls and spent the afternoon with us.  Everyone had lots of fun. 
Uncle Sam braved the cold and jumped on the trampoline with the boys.
I got to know Maddy alot better.  Maddy loved hanging out with me.  
I painted her fingernails purple.  Maddy made some "sticker purses," 
we played the game "Cooties," and we played pretend for hours.
 Oh yeah, and I made a purple tissue paper pom pom for her to hang up in her room.  
I don't get to play my role as Aunt Lisa very often.
 Ward Cousins - Brian, Tyler, Wesley, Owen, Katie, Maddy
 Wesley, Owen, Tyler, Brian
The boys played SO well together.  Tyler and Wesley are the same age and Brian and Owen are the same age.  They played Mario Kart, tabletop pinball, etc.  
Brian, Wesley, Tyler, Owen

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becky ward said...

they look right at home! thanks for being so great to them. they had a wonderful time and madalyn still talks about the fun she had with you.