Monday, January 14, 2013

Art is Fun

This school year, Brian begged me to teach art again in his classroom.  How could I say no?!  (Secretively, I had fun teaching art last year and really wanted to teach again.)  The art lessons are the same as last year, but I can see the improvement in Brian's work as he gets older.  The project shown below is my favorite one that we've done so far:
Brian's a funny kid.  He always gathers his things before all the other kids and helps me take the art supplies back to the art closet.  Then once we exit the school, he holds my hand and we run to the van and we attempt to be the first ones to leave the school parking lot.  That's happened a total off two times so far.  Then, we always stop in somewhere for an after school snack.  We usually end up at Macey's grocery store to get ice cream, but last week, we decided on Jamba Juice.  Razzmatazz is one of our favorite flavors.   Mmmm!
Tyler, Katie, and I had an art day at our house last week.  Tyler is in the stage where he likes to cut up paper into a million tiny pieces.  So I let him go to town doing that and then we glued those pieces on to a larger piece of paper.  
The kiddos also did a little water coloring.  Katie needed my help a little bit because she kept trying to eat the paint.  She'll get the hang of it eventually if we keep practicing.

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