Friday, September 21, 2012


One Sunday evening, earlier this month, I was just hanging out with my kids downstairs.  We were watching The Planet Earth on TV to kill some time while Sam was out Home Teaching.  I got a text message from my Aunt Karen (who I text and chat on the phone with every so often) asking me what I was up to.  Aunt Karen went on to say how she wishes she could come to my house and meet my kids.        She lives all the way in southern California and I'd only met her twice myself.  While we continued to share text messages, there was a knock at our front door.  I told Tyler to go and answer the door, assuming it would be Sam returning from Home Teaching and not wanting to touch the hot doorknob. (The doorknob gets super hot in the evening with the sun beating down on it.)  I didn't hear Sam and I began to wonder who in the world Tyler was talking to.  So I grabbed Katie and wandered upstairs.  This is what happened:
Surprise Visitors from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.
So, Sam came home minutes later with 10 family members in his house! Aunt Karen, Uncle Dennis, Kiera, Rachelle, Grandma Hallstrom, Uncle Calvin, Calvin's fiancé, Michelle, and Michelle's two boys, Steven and McKay. My boys were in heaven staying up late and jumping on the trampoline in the dark with their cousins. Katie was a good sport and showed off her cute little self. Katie found Rachelle's church shoes by the front door. Katie got so frustrated because she couldn't get the darn shoes on her feet. She let it be known that she was upset that those shoes didn't fit. We laughed and talked about how she was acting "SO FEMALE" and like one of Cinderella's evil stepsisters. Uncle Dennis got the shoe to fit alright and then Katie was happy. Anyway, it was SO fun to introduce Aunt Karen to my family, show her around my house, and so her all of my blogs and all of my photography gear. Aunt Karen and I talked nonstop for over 4 hours! I was SO glad they surprised us and that we could have a nice visit.

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Ali said...

What fun!! Way to document the surprise visit...what a treat:)