Sunday, September 23, 2012

Found: Under the 'Brella

Missing:  Two cute boys.  It's breakfast time and the boys are nowhere to be found.  I search everywhere in the house.
When I open the front door this is what I see and hear.  
B: "Do you think Mom's gonna find us out here?"  
T: "Naa.  Let's just eat our cereal. We'll take turns watching for Mom."
B: " I don't see Mom yet.  I like eating under the 'brella."
T: "Hey!  I see Mom.  
T: "Okay, okay, you found us.  You can stop taking pictures of us now."


Giles Fam said...

ha ha How cute!! I love when you catch little moments like that! :)

Ali said...

ADORABLE. That is one sly Momma to catch all that...nice work.