Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Stops in Rexburg, Idaho

Last week was the 2nd Ward Family Reunion.  
We packed up and left after breakfast last Thursday.  
We stopped in Rexburg, Idaho for lunch.
Our favorite place to eat in Rexburg is Millhollow.  
They make the best sour dough bread and serve THE BEST warm sandwiches.
Sam and I both ordered hot turkey sandwiches.  
The kids ate grilled cheese sandwiches.
And we just had to splurge and get some frozen yogurt afterwards.
 Millhollow hasn't changed a bit... and it better never change.  It's pure perfection!
 Then we drove by the first apartment we had after we got married, Viking Villa Apts.
Sammy's Famous Pies and Shakes is new to us.  (That retail spot use to be a store called Strapz).  
On our way back from the family reunion, the kids were getting super ornery.  We decided to stop in Rexburg again.  Our first stop was Porter Park.  We had our cooler full of extra food from the reunion, so we had a lunch of random food.  Then we played with the kids at the playground.  The best part of the playground was the short (low to the ground) purple monkey bars.  The boys really loved these monkey bars.  Tyler was particularly good at the monkey bars.  The boys also noticed the sweet looking splash pad too.  We were too tired to let the kids enjoy the splash pad.  And I was too tired to snap any pictures at the park.
We were both very curious to see what changes had been made since we were students there.  
Wow, what a difference 9 years can make.
I convinced Sam to stop by the BYU-Idaho campus so we could all walk around a bit.  
It was fun to see all the changes that were made since we were students there.
 The courtyard of the administration building, the Manwaring Center, and the Taylor Building 
looks so different with this new bridge and beautiful landscaping.
 I don't know what to call this structure, 
but right outside the library looks so fancy now.
 Speaking of fancy, students no longer have to brave the cold outdoors when 
walking from the Manwaring Center to the David O. McKay Library.
 The boys ran ahead of us to see if this new building was open.  Sadly, it wasn't.
 The University Store is inside the Manwaring Center.
 Sam and I shared this very locker back when we were dating and engaged.  
 This staircase is down the hall from the locker we shared.  
This is the very spot were I told Sam that I wanted to marry him almost 10 years ago..  
(Sam told me two months before that time that he wanted to marry me).
  Sam use to live in this dorm building before I knew him.
Here's a view of the pretty tree lined street on 2nd East. 

Memory Lane is always a fun place to visit.

720p from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.


Giles Fam said...

oh how fun!! I'm so glad you took pictures so i could relive it, too! I love Rexburg!! :)

Ali said...

Aw, love the locker picture and reminicent stories:) Fun trip!!