Sunday, August 26, 2012

2nd Annual Ward Family Reunion

The 2nd Annual Ward Family Reunion was held last weekend.  
Last year's reunion was held at Bear Lake and this year, we went to Yellowstone National Park!
Sam's older brother, Kevin and his wife, Becky were in charge of the reunion.  
It was organized very well and we all had so much fun.
We arrived at our Island Park, Idaho cabin, Bishop Mountain Lodge, late in the afternoon.  
After settling in, I took this video:
720p from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.

Sam's oldest brother, Aaron and his boys, Kimball and Simon, slept here for a couple nights.  
Brave boys!  The rest of us slept inside.
* * * * *
I took over 400 photos on this trip!
So to best show off the photos, I decided to create a few slideshows.
This slideshow is of everyone just hanging out at the cabin.
Go ahead and enlarge the slideshow on your screen to get the full effect.  Enjoy!

 Aunt Staci showing off her 8 week old puppy, Bauer, to her nephews, Tyler, Wesley, and Owen
 My man did all the driving on this trip!
 Lisa & Sam
 Katie running away with her favorite blanket
Tyler, Brian, and Owen
Owen, age 7
Maddy, age 3


becky ward said...

every picture you took is beautiful! it was a great weekend.

Ali said...

This looks SO beautiful and perfect. What an awesome vacation/reunion!!!